**Please note: This cafe has had a change in management since 2016**
Each weekend, myself and J will be off on a hunt for somewhere new to go or something nice to eat and I must say the past few weekends, our thoughts have somehow naturally float in the directions towards Tamarind Cafe Claremont. Come mid-week, one of the things on my to-do list would be to check out Tamarind Cafe’s Facebook page on what’s next with their weekend special 😉

Located at a very cool area near Claremont Quarters, Tamarind Cafe Claremont has heaps to offer! With a menu of mixed, Western and Asian fusion cuisine (particularly Malaysian Cuisine), Tamarind Cafe is one of the best cafes in Perth offering an East meets West cuisine, I would say. One thing for sure, from the number of times we have kept going back, the food at Tamarind Cafe has been very consistent – What you see on their Facebook page is what you get, if not better. And remember, I am a picky eater. 😉 In fact, there seems to be no compromises with regards to the quality and authenticity of their dishes served, just purely, finger licking delicious.

tamarind5On a normal day, there are heaps of dishes to try but two of our favourite dishes, we just cannot go past each time we are at Tamarind Cafe, would be the Mee Goreng and the Soft Shell Crab Pasta. The Mee Goreng is easily the best in Perth, full of flavour, no compromises made in terms of the ingredients used, a generous portion of mixed seafood is being used and the presentation is always top notch.

tamarind9 tamarind11As seen above, the Soft Shell Crab Pasta, is literally Soft Shell Crab served on a bed of pasta noodles, with a lil bit more flavour, that makes it all super delicious. The Soft Shell Crab is pretty much evident, unlike in some places, where all that can be seen is probably just about 1 tablespoon of crab meat, being mixed into a big bowl of pasta. (I only speak from my past experiences 🙂 )tamarind8The weekend specials at Tamarind Cafe just somehow soothe our souls with strong Asian palettes, each weekend. Miss home no more with Tamarind Cafes weekend specials! Very good deals like the above ‘Banana Leaf Weekend Special’. It’s all you can eat and definitely value for money I would say. For those who would like to add on additional meat dishes, by all means, add that extra $$ and you get what you pay for, definitely very worth it ♥♥♥ Oh boy! Just look at our spread, oh yummmmm! I guess, I don’t have to say anything more, judging from what you can see below, highly authentic, very delicious, simply awesome!

tamarind7On our recent weekend visit to Tamarind Cafe, we tried their weekend special of Nasi Kerabu and Ayam Percik. Nasi Kerabu is a dish that is more popular on the East Coast states of Malaysia, especially Kelantan and Terengganu. I must say the last time I had really authentic Nasi Kerabu was like ages ago, on my visit to Kelantan. The light blue colour of rice is actually from the a particular type of edible flower petal which is cooked together with the rice. Ayam Percik is yet another dish that is popular in the Kelantan state. It is mainly chicken grilled to perfection in an aromatic coconut based spice / gravy. 
tamarind3 And of course, without a doubt, Tamarind Cafe did it again! Our rumbling tummies were happily filled with our lunch of Nasi Kerabu & Ayam Percik combination. The salad that came as part of the set meal complemented the whole combination very well and definitely tasted very close to those salads you get back in Malaysia!
tamarind4Not only did they have a weekend meal special, there was also a dessert special the Kuih Ketayap! This is one malay kuih (dessert) that J cannot go past and so he had a serve. I must say, even as a non-coconut lover, the Kuih Ketayap is one of the best I’ve had in Perth! It is basically a Malay dessert, made of a crepe-like skin filled with desiccated coconut, cooked in palm sugar. The consistency and softness of the Kuih Ketayap was just perfect! Well done Tamarind Cafe!

tamarind2tamarind1Oh and I must mention, as its name goes, Tamarind Cafe also offers other cafe food, for those who are not after any full meal. They offer a whole range of deliciously home made cakes, desserts and a good selection of drinks too! So whether it is coffee, dessert, lunch or dinner you are after, Tamarind Cafe covers it all!

Right now, I am so looking forward to this weekend’s special, can’t wait to see what’s next! Tamarind Cafe Claremont, is a hidden gem indeed, with a class and style of its own! If you are looking for somewhere to go in Claremont, this weekend, head on over to Tamarind Cafe. For most up to date information on what’s cooking’, head over to the Tamarind Cafe’s Facebook Page here!

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