Located within the grounds of Pullman Bunker Bay, Vie Spa Bunker Bay is an award winning Spa in the Margaret River Region. The various treatments available at Vie Spa, certainly leaves one feeling restored, refreshed and energized. Upon entrance to the Spa, the ambience speaks for itself. The surroundings of the Spa in itself is a mood-setter, as it allows Spa visitors to somehow sink into that relaxation mode.viespa1Equipped with separate shower facilities for males and females, the little changing room is quite well maintained and clean. A generous range of amenities is also made available. 
viespa2 viespa3One of my favourite spots at Vie Spa is the waiting room. There are different teas that one can choose from for before and after treatment. Also, there is a certain tranquility in the waiting room, that just takes one away from all that hustle and bustle of life and just do nothing but relax. viespa4 viespa5The massage rooms are quite light and airy, with a good selection of oils. Based on my many experiences travelling around the Margaret River Region of Western Australia, Vie Spa is indeed one of the best spas in the Margaret River region and something that would be highly recommended for that relaxing getaway! ♥♥♥viespa6 viespa7

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