One late Friday afternoon, a few weeks ago, J and myself decided to give this humble Thai place a go. Located away from all the hustle and bustle of the main city, Bua Siam is a lil humble, homely yet a lil posh spot, enough to satisfy that Thai craving. Perfect location for that quiet Friday afternoon as we were there early. Bua Siam caters for customers with Halal dietary requirements too. 

buasiam1One good thing about Bua Siam is that, they do deliveries within quite a huge radius of their location, so if you are after that Thai take out but too lazy to pick up, ring through for delivery! buasiam5

buasiam4We had the TomYam and Basil Chicken and it was one of the best Thai dinners we’ve had in Perth, perfect to satisfy that Thai craving we had!  Bua Siam also gives the option of small medium or large in terms of their dishes. The Small is plenty for two, even when we were starving and we are quite big eaters! Some other Thai restaurants in Perth do have menus that can be very overpriced,quite crazily overpriced actually.

The Basil chicken was a ‘clean’ dish, nothing too spicy or rich about it, but it was tasty enough and it complemented perfectly with the TomYam we ordered. The Basil chicken was indeed cooked with fresh Basil and a good mix of vegetables. One thing for sure, the word Basil has not just been added as a dish name on the menu and not as evident in the dish, as in some previous ‘Basil Chicken’ experiences that I have had from other Thai places in the past. 

The Tom Yam soup definitely had that specific Tom Yam taste, with that aroma from the Kaffir Lime Leaves and that sourness to it. I find that it is very easy for Tom Yam Soups to somehow sway to being just hot and sour soup when it is not done right. Meanwhile, Bua Siam definitely had theirs done right! 

I definitely cannot wait to be back at Bua Siam to try their other dishes, such as their curries and desserts. They certainly look YUMMMMMM! If you’re looking to make a reservation or just wanting to browse their menu, you may visit them online here. 

buasiam2 buasiam3

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