mamak2 Mamak….Oh Mamakkkkkk……Where do I begin??? I would say, as they claim themselves, Mamak is Sydney’s home to Malaysian Roti and Satay indeed. With a couple of locations around Sydney and one more in Melbourne, Mamak is one very casual Malaysian eatery that has a high potential to grow and develop around Australia hopefully. The queues outside the Mamak locations just seem never-ending!

Why, you ask? Mainly, because the authenticity of their food has not been altered from what it would be like in Malaysia. Mamak retains the true blue Malaysian authenticity in the taste of their food, from their Rotis to their Noodles, Rice Dishes and desserts. Their dishes are of a certain level of consistency too, it seems. That puts two together, authenticity and consistency at its best. Simply awesome!mamak8 mamak9

Let’s start off with the Rotis, definitely freshly made and hand made the traditional way, customers can even observe how the Roti is being made, from the Mamak window as they queue up in line for a table – definitely a case of what you see is what you get. The Rotis are very fluffy and light and definitely not super oily or super sweet like what some other Asian places may offer. (Speaking from experience) The curries that are served with the Rotis are also definitely authentic and well prepared. Unlike in some other places where the focus is solely on the Roti and the curries which are somehow equally important are somewhat neglected. I would give the roti three ♥♥♥
mamak10 mamak6 mamak4The mee goreng is definitely very Malaysian / Malay hawker style, perfectly charred with a good amount of ingredients being used, definitely not overly smothered with fishcakes or veggies, it has good mix of a bit of everything in terms of the Ingredients. Very delicious, definitely somewhere to go to, if you are somehow having that Asian Noodle craving. 

mamak7The Satay is also another dish that is charred and grilled just right to perfection and the gravy/ sauce that accompanies it is just equally delicious. Upon first bite, one will definitely be reminded of those Malaysian Satay Stalls. The Nasi Lemak with fried chicken is also very authentic. Coconut rice is done very well, not too soft and not too dry. The Sambal on the side complements the rice perfectly and is not too spicy. The other ingredients that are included just retains the authenticity of the dish. Nothing has been altered in incorporating that Malaysian Street dish into the menu, awesome! mamak5mamak1And we had Ice Kacang for dessert. Just look at the picture below. Need I say more? One of the best Ice Kacang in Australia I must say! On the whole, Kudos to Mamak! You guys have done well in bringing the authentic Malaysian taste to Sydney. Staff and service was rather prompt and staff were very conscientious and polite too. Keep it up!

One thing that may not be too good would be: Be prepared to queue up and wait, particularly during peak meal times. But hey, it’s no one’s fault. When the food is soooo good, it’s NOT a big deal having to queue! If you are craving for Malaysian dishes in Sydney, Mamak is the place to be, definitely authenticity and consistency at its best!mamak3

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