I love my vegetables! There are days when I only feel like eating vegetables and nothing else! As much as vegetables are good to eat, the Mister has raised a concern for the lack of protein foods in my diet. Proteins serve as a building block for the human body and is an essential nutrient. Proteins allows for the production of essential Amino acids in the human body. Main sources of protein would be mainly from meat sources. 

Nevertheless, sometimes, we tend to over look and only tend to depend on common food groups such as red meat, chicken and fish for proteins. If that is the case, what is it like for Vegetarians then? Of course, there are other sources of proteins, for vegetarians. Soy based products like Tofu, Tempeh are all rich in protein. Pulses like lentils are also packed with proteins – yet another source of protein for Vegetarians. One other yummy, reasonable source of Protein(for me) is Mushrooms! Mushrooms also contains Vitamin D, so it is especially good for a person like me, whose Vitamin D levels are so low and almost depleting!

So on days when I just feel like having an all vegetarian dish, I try to replace my meat source with Mushrooms, which also helps with my Vitamin D levels! An example would be in this favourite pasta dish of mine, Mediterranean Vegetarian Spaghetti. This is yet another easy recipe which I also find healthy. Perfect for those days, you feel like wanting to have something vegetarian (nothing too fancy) with that simple, clean taste for the palette. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, if not more!


Did you know?    

Mushrooms are the only vegetables that contain Vitamin D in its natural source. Cultivated mushrooms contain a plant sterol called ergosterol, which is the precursor of Vitamin D². In fresh mushrooms, ergosterol is stimulated to convert to Vitamin D² by ultraviolet light, either from sunlight or artificial lights.

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