Zell Am Ziller, the Austrian Rockies, makes one feel like being in a another peaceful world. Getting to Zel Am Ziller was indeed an adventure! According to the driver, we passed by some parts of Germany(mountainous area) before we were back in the Austrian Rockies.

In winter, Zell Am Ziller is popular among ski-ers. In fact, it is a great place to ski and indulge in winter games and activities. Judging from photos, in Summer, Zell Am Ziller is filled with lush greenery and would make a perfect relaxing Summer vacation!

We stayed at Hotel Theresa, which was also the meeting venue for the Mister. It was a great place indeed! Hotel Theresa is a highly recommended accommodation place for anyone heading to Zell Am Ziller. With its beautiful scenic surroundings at anytime of the year, Hotel Theresa is probably one of the best places of accommodation in Zel Am Ziller.

The lovely Hotel Theresa

Reception area of Hotel Theresa

View of Hotel Theresa from across the road

Outdoor pool area – yes it’s heated and still opened amidst the snow!

View of pool from a different angle

Outdoor salt water pool

Locate the glass doors to the outdoor pool, right at the tip of the pool, so swimmers won’t freeze!

We made a trip to Innsbruck from Zell Am Ziller, for a visit to the Audioversum and of course to the Innsbruck Christmas Markets (again!) Christmas Markets are big in Austria! They seem to be popping out everywhere like mushrooms in the moist! 🙂

Scenic view from the bus on the way to Innsbruck

Look at the pretty Christmas tree all lit up all around the streets of Innsbruck

A close-up shot of the Christmas Tree-light Decor!

Part of the conference program included a visit to the Audioversum, where we got to experience different journeys in the world of hearing.A very interesting place indeed. In case, you wanna know more about the Audioversum, you can visit them here.

Spot me!!!

Hearing Experiment Exhibits

Giant earphones!

Our visit to the Swarovski Factory was yet another interesting and enriching experience! The factory-museum started off with displays on history of Swarovski and had so many amazing exhibits made of Swarovski crystals!

Swarovski Mickey & Minnie!

Swarovski Jelly Fish

The Taj Mahal built in Swarovski Crystal

A Giant Swarovski crystal

Swarovski Chandelier

Path leading to the Swarovski Factory

At the entrance of the Swarovski Factory

On our last night in Zel Am Ziller, the meeting organizers organized an “Austrian” dinner up in the mountains for all participants. It was a rather nerve wrecking experience being driven in winding, snow covered roads up to the mountain peak! But it was really a true blue Austrian evening indeed.

The only picture I took of our ‘Austrian Dinner in the Mountains Experience’

It was indeed ONE BIG AUSTRIAN ADVENTURE, from one end of lovely Austria to another, definitely worth all the long car journeys and flights! Austria, you’re such a pretty, beautiful, lovely one!

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